Join the Audiobook Trail Challenge at the Toledo Library

Daily Dose  |  06/06/2019 10:00 am

The Toledo Lucas County Public Library is proud to partner with Metroparks Toledo for the Audiobook Trail Challenge as part of Summer Read. Walk, run, roller-blade or cycle at any Metropark location while listening to a downloadable audiobook from the Library. Then log your finished audiobooks and be entered to win great prizes.

Fun Facts About Audiobooks:

  • Audiobooks have been around for more than a century.
  • In the United States, audiobooks were introduced in the 1930’s by the “Books for the Adult Blind” project after President Herbert Hoover signed into law the Pratt-Smoot Act, which granted funding to libraries for providing books to the blind.
  • The first audiobooks made available in the US included The BibleThe Declaration of IndependenceGeorge Washington’s Farewell Address, and selected works by Shakespeare.
  • At first, audiobooks were recorded on 12-inch phonograph records, but have also been offered on cassette tape and CD (compact disc). Now, they're readily available to download or stream on any smart-device.
  • The first audiobooks recorded in the UK were Agatha Christie’s The Murder of Roger Ackroyd and Joseph Conrad’s Typhoon.

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