Toledo Firefighters Museum

Toledo Time Travels  |  By Tedd Long  |  07/03/2019 9:00 am

Founded in 1976 to preserve the history of the Toledo Fire Division and educate the public about fire prevention and safety, the Toledo Firefighters Museum is a great place to learn about a side of Toledo we all admire and respect but most of us never get to see up close. Created in memory of fallen firefighters, the two-story museum is located in the "Old Number 18 Fire House", built in 1920 and replaced by a new station in 1975. The exhibits at the museum detail Toledo's fire safety efforts from the 1800s to the present day. In fact, Toledo’s first pumper engine, which was pulled by hand in 1837, as well as a later horse-drawn model are on display. A replica dispatch center speaks to the evolution of operations inside the station, recalling days when telegraphs trumped telephones, and an interactive fire training room occupying part of the second floor gives visitors a glimpse of how important training is to the firefighting profession.


Exhibits in the museum include over 150 years of Toledo firefighting history:

  • Antique fire toys

  • Watchman's desk and tape register

  • Vintage uniforms

  • Command officers room 

  • Toledo area memorabilia

  • Firefighters sleeping quarters 

More information for planning your visit are available at

Plan Your Visit

What: Toledo Firefighters Museum

Where: 918 W. Sylvania Avenue (Old Firehouse Number 18), Toledo, Ohio; 419-478-3473

Hours: Noon to 4 p.m. Saturdays.

For the Kids: What kid doesn't want to explore a fire truck? The museum and their team of volunteers are well-tuned to provide an exciting experience for children. .  

Cost: Free.

Parking: Parking is free and located next to the museum.

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