Dog of the Week: Meet Hue

Daily Dose  |  09/11/2019 2:00 pm

No, it’s not just you.. I feel something too! My name is Hue and I know what you are thinking… I am just way too handsome to be available for adoption. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find my match since July of 2019. I have no idea why as I think I am a pretty great guy. Everyone says I am a ladies man, but for some reason I keep getting overlooked. This past weekend, I enjoyed a Snout & About trip to the park, O-Deer Diner, Pet Valu and Bass Pro Shops. This is what my people for the day said about me:

* I am an absolute lover boy! I always want to be right next to you or on your lap at all times. Prepare yourself for lots of kisses when you are with me. 

* I love car rides and prefer to be in someones lap for the journey. 

* I do well walking on a leash. Sometimes I get a little overstimulated and excited by my surroundings and may pull a little. Overall, my Snout & About people thought I did a nice job.

* I was very respectful to people and dogs walking by at the park. I never barked at anything and did really well being approached by men and women. 

* I know "sit" and with some additional work, I could know "down".

* I love hot dogs, ice cream and treats. I am gentle when taking treats as well!

* I did well with bath time and was so relaxed that I was falling asleep. 

So what do you say? Am I the one you have been looking for?  If so, I would love to meet you today! I’ll be waiting for you at Lucas County Canine Care & Control (410 S Erie Street, downtown Toledo)