“Sight Unseen,  What’s New and Next” Art Exhibit Opening at Sam B’s

Eye On Art  |  11/22/2019 11:00 am

A new fine art exhibit called “Sight Unseen, What’s New and Next”  will close out the year 2019 and welcome 2020 at the Sam B’s Restaurant Gallery in Bowling Green.  The collection of over 150 new pieces features work by eighteen local artists and craftsman for viewing or gift giving through April 5.    A Holiday Opening Reception with free drinks and appetizers to see the new collection of handmade gifts and meet participating artists will be held in the back bar area of the restaurant at 163 S. Main Street on Wednesday evening December the 4 from 7-9 p.m. 

New special features for this exhibit include custom made necklaces by Daniel Drain, Watercolors by Judy Doyle, and Artistic Poetry by NJA.  In addition many area favorite craftsman and artists have contributed new items.  Among them are framed vintage jewelry collages by Mary Jo Bailin, hand marbled jewelry by Mary Mascazine, hardwood cutting boards by Thomas Woods, and custom writing instruments by Rick Bailin.

Themed and season items include custom painted ornaments by Melanie Stinson, and Christmas ornaments by Haitian Artists, and paintings that include a giant Santa by well-known artist Dave Wisniewski. Darlene Krohn features a connection to cultures and beliefs with her Storyteller sculpture of a Hopi Woman, and her oil painting called “The Spiritualist.”

Daniel Drain has painted in Oil his whole life although he always was engaged in making a living in other ways.  He traveled all over the world while he served in the US Military, eventually becoming a seaman on the Great Lakes for many years. His ship The George M. Humphrey was 7 miles behind The SS Edmund Fitzgerald when it went it down in a Lake Superior storm on November the 10, 1975 losing the entire crew.   As a point of interest he said once the accident happened, they had to stay anchored down for three days before they could move the ship again.  Now in his retirement, Dan enjoys making custom original jewelry.  The exhibit will feature of selection of reasonably priced necklaces. 

As a child Judy Doyle spent a lot of time drawing because her father fixed printing machines and she had an endless supply of paper. After majoring in chemistry and physics in college she had a career teaching Physics at Newark High School for twenty seven years. Upon her retirement she pursued her lifetime dream of being a better artist and chose to study watercolor painting with several accomplished artists in her area. Gradually she learned more than the basics and began to take week long workshops such as with Tom Lynch author of 7 books and host of several award winning PBS TV Art Series.  Loving the challenge of drawing and painting Judy eventually studied in week long workshops with Karlyn Holman at her studio in Washburn, WI.  Karyln proved to be not only an excellent teacher for Judy with her infectious enthusiasm but she has mentored thousands of artists all over the world with her YouTube videos. Judy wishes to dedicate her showing to Karlyn who is presently battling Cancer.   Judy is represented locally by Library House Gallery in Grand Rapids, Ohio who has generously supplied a large selection of her work for this show.

Poetic License by Nancy Jean is a collection of Original Poetry creatively crafted into a memorable piece of Poetry Art.  Since 1978 Nancy Jean has published poetry in journals, newspapers, periodicals, magazines, and books.  As time went on she began to exhibit her poetry/art collection in group and solo settings. Over the years she has helped individuals celebrate important occasions by writing personalized poetry often incorporating the clients own words from her interviews.   What was surprising to the artist was that many people might glance at a poem in a book, but by putting poems in a creative piece, many people will be visually drawn to it, read it and feel a connection.

The new collection is available during Sam B’s regular business hours.