UToledo Art Students Transform Books into Works of Visual Art

Daily Dose  |  11/27/2019 9:00 am

In the exhibition “This is a Book (This is not a Book),” students mapped out a mile that had significance to them and each transformed a book into a work of visual art to represent their chosen mile. The exhibition is in conjunction with The University of Toledo Office of Undergraduate Research Symposium at 3 p.m. on Monday, December 2, taking place at UToledo’s Carlson Library. The students will be present to talk about their work and research with guests. 

One of the students being featured in the exhibition, Rose Mansel-Pleydell, is a senior at UToledo and a 2D BFA major. “I was excited about the idea of mapping a mile and I’ve used some of the same inspiration in my BFA work as well, which is the place where I grew up,” said Rose. “I’m using a memory of my senior year of high school when I learned how to run on the back roads near home. Working with that memory and an interest in anatomy, I used a Merck medical manual and damaged the pages, and then repaired them to be stronger than they originally were. I used them to build a three-dimensional abstract form representing movement. I really enjoyed the challenges this class has presented me with, and the opportunity to explore different mediums.”

The exhibition will feature work by nine students from the 2019 Advanced Mixed Media art course, taught by Barbara Miner, chair of the UToledo Department of Art. The students being showcased are Tenayah Bowmer, Joseph Dupuis, Lindsay Haynes, Caroline Hershey, Lucya Keune, Rose Mansel-Pleydell, Domenic Pennetta, Andrea Price, and Tara Yarzand. The books will be on display in Carlson Library through January. The exhibit is open for view any time the library is open.