Hudson Gallery Presents Skot Horn's People In Place

Eye On Art  |  02/29/2020 10:00 am

Title: People in Place

Artist: Skot Horn

Dates: March 6  – April 18,  2020

Reception: Friday, March 6th,  6 - 8pm

Location:    Hudson Gallery,   5645 North Main Street,   Sylvania, OH  43560

Hours:   Tues. - Fri. - 10am – 6pm      
              Sat. - 10am – 3pm

Hudson Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of a solo exhibition of all new paintings by local artist Skot Horn in our downtown Sylvania, Ohio gallery.

Following the spectrum from prehistoric depictions of wooly mammoths on cave walls to contemporary abstractions, Skot Horn reveals his current subject’s place on a historical timeline by depicting fashion, cars, hairstyles, shoes and smartphones within his colorful urban compositions. Understanding the history of humanity through art is definitely not lost in his latest work. Within a decade or so, the placement of his characters on a historical timeline can be surmised by the most amateur of detective sleuths, embedding them for all posterity in amber’s perpetual glow. Check your High School Yearbook for further examples.

These latest series of paintings by Horn are populated with pedestrians on city streets and sidewalks. They are at times interacting with each other and sometimes oblivious to their counterparts. Occasionally, an isolated figure or two dominate the canvas. Figure placement appears as random as a snapshot would suggest. However, the particular referenced photo is carefully selected from thousands; which today is not hard to achieve with digital cameras, large capacity sim cards and a pocket full of charged batteries.  

“It’s important that I feel something for the subject if I am going to spend time looking and painting them,” Horn explains. “Even if it’s just a tilt of the head or a particular look on their face that will inspire me.” It’s easy to imagine when looking at the intimate small to medium size canvases that the subjects are also familiar with the artist who painted them. They all have their place.

Horn has followed this theme before and believes it is worthy of further exploration. He perceives himself and his paintings as “a work in progress.” Admitting he has good and not so good days, a painting day is always a good day. Crisp, sharp outlines can give way one day to a more painterly approach the next, even while the subject matter stays relatively the same. If there is consistency in a painting formula he hasn’t stumbled upon it yet. When he does, it’s all over.

In casual conversation with Horn the discussion of his work very rarely comes up. It’s not a topic he feels the need to talk about. It’s just something he does. 


Join us opening night for this enlightening exhibition, bring friends, visit with the artist and explore downtown Sylvania during the Red Bird Art Walk.


Exhibit is free and open to the public.