Back on the Road with the Library’s Mobile Services

Daily Dose  |  09/14/2020 2:00 pm

Visiting friends, going to a restaurant, stepping outside your front door - all of this just feels odd during the COVID pandemic. Like many institutions, the Toledo Lucas County Public Library (TLCPL) has had to adapt, which is why you see mask-wearing and other safety measures when you visit any Library locations. But TLCPL also has a little known secret...the Mobile Services team brings the Library to the community through safe, innovative, on-the-go services.

The Bookmobile

The Bookmobile is like a Library branch, but on wheels, so it can basically go anywhere. While we would normally welcome you on board, we’ve adapted our Bookmobile stops into an open air set-up. Come see us to pick up requested items or browse our collection. It’s just like visiting your favorite Library branch, except outside and on the road. Of course, please wear a mask while visiting. View the full schedule here!

Homebound Services

Pandemic or not, some people are unable to visit the Library and we have a solution: delivering Library material right to your door. Homebound patrons, submit an application and TLCPL staff will get in touch to discuss details and eligibility. We’ve changed this service to be safe and no-contact given the circumstances of COVID-19.

Visits to Senior Residential and Healthcare Facilities

Retirement homes, independent living, rehabilitation facilities - the Library goes to all of these places too! We have a slate of current facilities we visit, delivering requested items and sometimes selecting items for residents based upon their interests. We’ve also adapted this service. Usually we would stop at a facility, stay for an hour or so to allow people to browse and simply use this pop-up Library, but we’re now operating in delivery-only mode to minimize contact while still providing top-notch Library service. If you live or work at a senior residential or healthcare facility that we don’t already visit, let us know and we’ll see about getting your location into the mix.

Child Care Delivery

While many of our on-the-go services focus on getting adults the books and materials they need, kids need the Library too! For kids in day cares, preschools, and other community youth programs, we have a collection of child care kits - collections of 15 or so books - that can be used to give kids access to books during times they aren’t at home or at the Library. We’ll even get you on a regular rotation to swap kits out and bring new books every month. If you work at a day care, preschool, or other similar program and are interested in having us bring items to you, fill out an application and we’ll be in touch.