Weddings in Toledo Ohio Information

Getting Married in Toledo

So you want to get married in Toledo? Congratulations! Before you take that trip down the aisle, here’s some helpful information about important community facts and information you need to know.

First, you can’t have a wedding without a marriage license. In Toledo, you can obtain marriage licenses on the second floor of the Lucas County Courthouse (, located on 700 Adams Street in downtown Toledo, Ohio. You can even get married there too.

You can get a marriage license at the courthouse Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The courthouse is closed on weekends and observed holidays. Fridays are usually the busiest day, so come early. No reservations or special appointments allowed. Both people must be present to get the marriage license and bring a birth certificate (if under the age of 21), a valid picture ID (Driver's License, State ID card, Passport or Military ID), social security information (requested but not necessary) and $50.00 (cash only).

Blood tests, counseling, witnesses and/or waiting periods not required. People must get married within 60 days after getting their marriage license.

But what if you’re from Dayton and wanted to get married in Toledo? If you are an Ohio resident, you must obtain your marriage license from the Ohio county where you live.

If you live in Lucas County, then you must get your marriage license in Lucas County (after showing proof of residency), but you can be married in another Ohio county. Out of state residents can obtain their license in Lucas County but must be married in Lucas County.

Ministers must be licensed by the Secretary of State of Ohio. Judges of municipal courts can perform marriages and are available through the Toledo Municipal Court between 1:30 p.m. and 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. A Toledo Municipal Court Judge can perform the marriage after paying a marriage fee of $15.00 at the Clerk of Court's Office. Call (419)213-4361 for more information or visit

The Courthouse offers special services for the hearing impaired. Call (419)213-4361 for more information about making planned language interpreter arrangements (interpreters are not provided by the Court).

Interpreters are required for people who not speak or understand English and cannot be related to the couple being married. If you’re not a U.S. citizen, you need foreign documents translated on professional letterhead. Need help? Call the International Institute of Toledo at 419-241-9178. The original foreign documents and the translated documents on business letterhead are required when processing at the Courthouse.

The legal age of marriage in the majority of Ohio is 18. People 18 and under must complete marriage counseling and obtain parental consent or a parent present at the marriage. People 21 and under must have a certified birth certificate listing their parent's names.

Previously married applicants must bring documentation relating to their divorce, dissolution and/or annulment. Widowed applicants must bring a certified death certificate with listing of the surviving spouse. Must provide proof of how your most recent marriage ended.

You must also provide detailed information regarding name changes for accurate records. For more information call (419)213-4361 for more information about marriage licenses.

Next, the fun stuff. You can always search the Yellow pages for all your wedding services, but here’s some resources for you Web savvy planners that might save you some legwork. Click here to visit our Wedding Resources Section of our Directory.

So you have the paperwork and license ready now, but where will this wedding take place? As many churches offer wedding services, you can check into the religious affiliation of your choosing, or look at the many other options that await you. The Toledo area offers several different venues you can research through the following Web sites:, The Metroparks system can host weddings in unique natural surroundings (

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Local wedding photography web resources include,, and

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Marriage can be challenging, but you can make this special event go smoother by carefully researching your options, planning each component and getting professional assistance.