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Relocate to Toledo

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Thinking about relocating to Toledo?

Do you like the thoughts of a low cost of living and a good lifestyle? We thought you might.

Welcome to Toledo, Ohio! Join more than 500,000 people who call the Toledo region home. What’s the appeal? Toledoians will tell you their city combines classic small town hospitality with all the culture and amenities any family needs. Here’s a taste of what the 20-county metro area has to offer.

The nationally recognized Toledo Zoo has fun for all ages and The Toledo Museum of Art is still going strong for more than 100 years. Toledo also has several area festivals, a wide variety of golf course and night life venues plus Raceway Park featuring live harness horse racing every year from April to December.

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Toledo features the world famous Toledo Mud Hens, and of course, Tony Packo's Hot Dogs an excellent Metro Park system that features an extensive nature trail for hiking, walking and/or riding your bike! Toledo owns and operates more than 100 parks covering more than 2,300 acres. The Metropolitan Park District of the Toledo Areaoperates eight parks covering 6,879 acres.

Toledo is less expensive than many other major metropolitan areas, yet you can expect a wide range of amenities of any major US city, as well as lower taxes than in many other states. You also get easy access to major roadways including Interstate 75 and the Ohio Turnpike.

Higher education institutions include the University of Toledo and the Medical College of Ohio. Toledians also enjoy the local Toledo Symphony, Ballet Company and Repertoire Theater all headquartered at the historic Valentine Theater. Several shopping malls and movie theaters including Westfield Franklin Park Mall and Levis Commons can keep you entertained.

Toledo , the fourth largest city in Ohio, offers great experience for each distinct weather season. Winters bring snowy nights by the fireplace and the summers bring 80 degree days on the golf courses. You get a wide variety of excellent activities on the water including sailing, boating, fishing and water sports. Water lovers have access to downtown Toledo and beyond on Lake Erie to the annual Walleye Run on the Maumee River and ice fishing.

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Once you have a detailed idea of your housing preferences, you can continue use the Web to “part the waves” of the sea of on-line home buying information. For detailed information in your area, check the Web sites of local realtors. Most real estate companies have listings available on the Web.

The Toledo Board of Realtors has an extensive list of local members that can help you find that perfect place. Contact them at 419-535-3222 or visit their Web site at

When buying a home, you want to make educated decisions, especially if you’ve rented housing for a long period of time and are not familiar with long-term residential situations.

Home ownership can have many advantages such as increasing your equity and providing tax benefits, but also requires certain responsibilities such as property taxes and maintaining facilities. Consider all options, such as custom built home vs. manufactured homes, before narrowing your search.

You may also want to contact a mortgage broker about your financial/credit situation when searching for a home, so you can determine your price range.

You can determine your home’s basic set-up and everything you think should be included in your home. Make sure to leave room for changes because you probably won’t find everything you want in a home. Make a “pros and cons” list and prioritize each item, so you’ll have a good idea of what you definitely want and what you’re willing to live without.

These resources can help you find your next home while saving time, money, and stress. Remember to print out or “bookmark” vital information during your search.

Sometimes you can find interesting items on the Web not related to your home buying research. Make a checklist of the information you need to find and keep it by the computer so you can focus your research.

When you actually find your next home, be aware of legal issues, especially when buying from an owner instead of a real estate agent. Many of the previously mentioned Web sites contain legal information that can help. You may also want to consult your lawyer or seek legal counsel when purchasing your home.

Toledo offers a wide variety of situations for all families and lifestyles. Good luck on finding your next home!

Author: Michael Siebenaler