Ottawa Hills Ohio information

Ottawa Hills, Ohio

Completely surrounded by the city of Toledo, the Village of Ottawa Hills is an upscale neighborhood located about four miles from downtown Toledo. Founded in 1915 by John North Willys, president of The Overland Company--the first makers of Jeeps, Ottawa Hills has some 5,000 residents.

Median income in the Village is about $100,000 and median home prices are in the $250,000 range.

Because of its small size, the Village of Ottawa Hills has a small, but excellent school system. The system’s Jr. High/High School has been awarded the “No Child Left Behind Blue Ribbon School” award for three straight years and is consistently rated as “excellent” by the State of Ohio. There is one elementary building, one junior high and one high school in the Ottawa Hills school system.

Ottawa Hills has easy access to many major highways and shopping centers and is located a short distance from the University of Toledo.

Written by: Pam Ciepichal