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Submitting an event is FREE, but you must be a registered user to access the system.  We are proud to offer the most comprehensive online event calendar in Northwest Ohio.  By using Toledo.com, you can be sure your event details can be viewed by thousands of people each month.  Many event organizers contribute regularly to bring maximum awareness to their efforts.  Please encourage anyone you know to use the system as often as they would like.

Please note: Although the system is set up to allow you to add images, PDFs and embedded videos during your submission process, WE WILL DELETE anything other than text and links in the "Additional Detail" section. Thank you for understanding.

Submitted event are moderated and may take up to 48 hours to approve. You will not be able to edit a submitted event until it is approved.

In addition, if you have a Press Release about your event or your organization's efforts, take a minute to visit Tell Toledo, our sister site, to add your information.  It's another great way to get the word out & it's FREE!

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You can contact the Events Administrator for this site at [email protected].

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